Brand Name

Design Leadership

Sjoerd Dijkstra

All about the experience

It should be simple and pleasant for people to use your products and services. They are happy and stick around, or not and leave.

  • Design Leadership

    Recruit, grow, manage and lead design teams to success.

  • Product Strategy

    Business impact with a user centered and sustainable approach.

  • Research & Design

    Best in class UI/UX work to achieve measurable results.

Employers & Clients

I love to create and improve digital solutions that humans understand and really want to use.

  • AppAnnie
  • Distimo
  • Mac
  • Auping
  • Sail
  • Simyo
  • ABN
  • Ditzo
  • Philips
  • Bjornborg
  • Essent
  • NS

Hello, my name is Sjoerd

If you don't know how to pronounce my name you can call me Stuart. I live in the Netherlands with my lovely girlfriend and our two happy kids. I love to watch movies with the sound cranked up, or play video games in single player so nobody sees how good I am 😉

Want more?

With a small group of UX design enthousiasts we organise a Meetup called UXU. Also we create podcasts from time to time where we discuss various design topics.